New Look Overnight

Change your look overnight with the help of our gorgeous hair extensions. This exciting technique offers a great way to make your hair look longer, fuller, and more beautiful than ever. Hair extensions are the perfect solution when you’re trying to grow out your hair, too, since you can enjoy a perfect new look without suffering through that awkward stage—you know, the one where the hair doesn’t want to cooperate.

How long must hair be for hair extensions to work?

You can wear hair extensions even if your hair is very short. In fact, many people use hair extensions to compensate for a short haircut they’ve come to regret. You can grow out your hair naturally while using extensions, and your new look will remain full bodied and natural with proper care. Your friends and family members will have a hard time figuring out where your real hair ends and where the hair extensions begin.

Do hair extensions require special care?

Hair extensions do indeed require a bit of TLC if you want to achieve lasting results. After you come and see us we will recommend a special brush called the “great lengths extension brush.” This brush is especially designed for hair extensions and wigs. You’ll use the great lengths extension brush to gently detangle your hair, then you’ll shampoo it. We’ll also recommend a leave-in conditioner. You can finish and style by gently applying a wide toothed comb. Usually, we suggest allowing hair extensions to dry on their own. And remember—never sleep on wet hair extensions!

****Note that all of the products you will need to care for your hair extensions are on sale at our front counter.

We are hair extension experts.

If you want a natural look you need to visit experienced professionals. We’ve been helping people in Spring, TX look and feel their best for many years. We’re here to make you feel like a Hollywood star with a team of personal stylists on call.  Book your hair extension appointment today.